Friday, February 20, 2009

Introducing The Same Dame Podcast

Well, it's time for The Same Dame to premiere its first podcast, which has been delayed due to various technical difficulties, including a dead editing computer that prevented further polishing of the episode you are about to hear. But we can't sit on this dynamite any longer folks, so here is the first of many hours Chris Bellamy and I hope to spend yapping about movies. This episode includes our top 10 list of 2008, some Oscar musings and our reactions to what's now old news.

We'll be improving both the technical side and the content in the coming episodes (we might stop broadcasting Chris as a hologram, for example), but hopefully this one isn't too bad. So as long as I've adequately lowered your expectations, please subscribe and have a listen!

A quick correction that wasn't made during the recording: Despite my claim that Chris already saw my top 10 list, he actually went out of his way not to look at it, so we're both going in unaware of the other's choices.


1 comment:

Janean said...

YES, finally! If only Websense didn't block your podcast from coming in to my iTunes. Damn Websense. How I hate it.