Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well, They All Look Alike to Oscar (JOKE!)

Let's play a little game. First, look at this picture (courtesy scifijapan):

On the top is the recently departed director Kon Ichikawa. These stills come from the Criterion Collection's supplemental interviews on the DVD of his 1956 film "The Burmese Harp." The star of that film, very-much-still-alive actor Rentaro Mikuni, is in the lower picture. Go ahead and take a good, close look. Study the faces carefully.

Done? Maybe look at them once more, for safety sake. You will be tested on this later.

Now, take a look at this screen cap from the Oscar ceremony's In Memoriam live performance/montage nonsense, courtesy of Criterion Forum poster Rufus T. Firefly:

And now, your difficult question: Whose picture did they show at the Oscars?

Unlike Cyd Charise, whose tribute slide was barely visible behind the wide shot of Queen Latifa, Kon Ichikawa's slide was easy to see and readable. Too bad it had a picture of the wrong fucking person. Just because they honor your memory doesn't mean that memory isn't a bit fuzzy.

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Anonymous said...

Too fucking funny! I bet the poor guy who is still alive grabbed a copy of the paper to look up the Obituaries and check if his name was listed too! Real life is funnier than anything comedy writers can come up with.