Monday, February 23, 2009

The Homo-Loving Hollywood Backlash Begins

The folks at Wonkette nobly read through the conservative comments at Big Hollywood and picked out the highlights so you don't even have to access the site at all. You can imagine that the right isn't happy with the Hollywood liberal elite. Not only did the queer movie win a couple awards, but there's Muslins who worked on "Slumdog Millionaire!"

This bit is my favorite:

most popular boy in school wins for message film over a once-in-a-decade performance.

I was rooting for Rourke, but Penn is the "most popular boy in school"? He's more like the know-it-all dweeb whom everyone likes to ridicule. The guy is exceedingly talented, and has given a series of great performances, but Tom Hanks he's not. I'm not even saying he's a bad guy—he certainly didn't deserve smears and mockery for going out in a boat to help Katrina victims—but he usually comes off as grumpy and impersonal in interviews. His acceptance speech last night was as likable as I've seen him. (Of course, Bill Maher's petty, self-important Documentary presentation had already ensured that Penn wouldn't be the biggest prick of the evening.)

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unarra said...

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