Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Five!

Recorded 4/14/09, Episode 5 of The Same Dame Podcast offers the most insightful, analytical review of "Hannah Montana: The Movie" that you've ever heard, from two guys who obviously watched the film very closely. We also review "Observe and Report" and two Sundance films, "Sugar" and "Sin Nombre" before our esteemed news desk tackles a delightfully dull news period. We touch on Twitter and piracy before a certain Oscar-winning director joins us to talk about his latest work and how digital pirates violated it. I'd tell you who he is, but then it'd ruin the surprise!

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Janean said...

Damn you, Websense! Is it too much to ask that I can listen to my own boyfriend's podcast at work???

Lance Johnson said...

I'm only 5 minutes in and the people around me are wondering why I'm rolling around on the floor.