Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SDP 6: Landmark Crank Criticism, Russell and Bale On Set and Newspapers

Who could ask for a more amazing podcast than this?

Recorded 4/29/09, Episode 6 of The Same Dame Podcast contains a conversation that will no doubt go down in the history of film criticism. Scholar Ben Zalkind joins us to discuss the artistic achievement of "Crank: High Voltage." You won't find this in-depth conversation anywhere else, folks. And while George Lucas couldn't join us this episode, he did help us digitally simulate what a set with Christian Bale and David O. Russell will be like. We also look at what may be the last gasp of newspapermen in the movies with reviews of "State of Play" and "The Soloist." Oh, and Chris made us review "Sleep Dealer."

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UPDATE: Bellamy and Zalkind's original essay.


Anonymous said...

I found the discourse on Crank quite interesting and enlightening. There were a lot of parallels to the life of Christ I never noticed before.

I look forward to reading the written supplemental work that goes with this.

Lance Johnson said...

I went to see Hannah Montana based on the strength of your review, and I found it to be everything you said, and more. With that track record, I am going to see Crank 2 based exclusively on this in-depth, stellar review.