Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Strike Out, New TV In

As the writer's strike looks to end, E! Online has created a handy rundown on the production status of the various serialized comedies and dramas that air on television boxes around the world. Of course, most of those shows don't matter, but I can sum up what E has to say about the ones that do.

LOST: The creators are dedicated to producing some more episodes in addition to the eight that were previously completed and started airing two weeks ago. Some episodes. That's nice and committal, eh? A recent Variety article suggested that if the strike ended around this time, they might be able to complete the remaining eight installments were slated for season four in time to launch them for May sweeps. Whether this is realistic or not, I don't know. (Other ABC shows that might indicate: "Ugly Betty" promises "four to six" episodes, the "Desperate Houswives" folks hoped to cram in seven back at the SAG awards.) But here's hoping.

Pushing Daisies: More like "Pushing Shafts…Up the Show 'Pushing Daisies'…By Which I Mean Warner Shafted It" Executive Producer Bryan Fuller says that the best new show of the season won't return right away. Warner Bros. originally said that he should start compiling scripts for season 2 as soon as the strike ends. But now they're just telling him to wait until March. Dickheads.

The Office: Six to 10 new episodes. That's about the maximum anyone has promised. Taking into account that "LOST" is twice as long, however, suggests that all eight of its unproduced episodes might be too much to ask. Did I mention I really want to see the rest of the season of "LOST?"

Mad Men: I kind of gave up on this show, which seemed to have a lot of potential, after a ludicrous plot development in the fourth or fifth episode. But some people tell me that it gets better, so I've decided to include it hear. Lionsgate (which should be Lion's Gate, damn it!) already struck a deal, so the show is in pre-production now. The new season should start by the end of the summer.

Those are the shows that I feel are worth a damn. Any others I should have mentioned? Hmmm… It turns out "House" has writers—I thought the actors had just been winging it, but I guess Fox was airing reruns all this time. It's hard to tell the difference. "Heroes" is out for the year while creator Tim Kring writes a series Bible. I hope one of its commandments is "Thou Shalt Not End a Season with a Lame-Ass, Anti-Climactic Finale."

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