Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars Afterthoughts

Well, I was certainly correct when I predicted that I didn't know what the hell was going to happen in the two Actress categories. I was happy for both winners (although I would have liked to see "I'm Not There" win an Oscar.)

Overall, the wounds of the writers strike clearly didn't heal quick enough, and it makes you wonder how terrible the ceremony might have been if the strike were still going on. Jon Stewart made the most of what he had, and encapsulated the feelings of all the viewers at home at the end of an inexplicable documentary on the Price-Waterhouse vote tabulation process. "Wow," he mocked, "that was exciting."

The best part of the evening came when Stewart brought Best Original Song winner Markéta Irglová back on the stage after the assholes in the orchestra played her off.

The "In Memoriam" montage again failed to celebrate the life and works of the diseased, opting instead for a lifeless series of photos. (I urge next year's producers to get Gary Ross to do it again.)

Another great moment: Jennifer Hudson shows off the skills that won her Best Supporting Actress last year—by not being able to competently read off a TelePrompTer (seriously, that's how my spellcheck intercaps it).

And props to the winners for giving good speeches instead of crying like babies and reading us their grocery lists.

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Unknown said...

Jennifer Hudson couldn't even cut it in a Tyler Perry movie so how could she be expected to read a teleprompter?

Sure even Abigail Breslin would have read it better and given the Academy more long term credibility, but they'll always have the glorious moment that was Hudson's acceptance speech.

You're right about Gary Ross, that was the best produced show.