Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Used to Care, But…

Things have changed here at The Same Dame. You'll no doubt notice the nice, expandable-and-collapsible view on the main page that makes it less of a hassle to see recent headlines (thanks to Acheron at Blogger eXtensions for the great scripting on bxA!). And you'll also notice that The Same Dame now has an official contributor other than myself in the form of one Christopher G. Bellamy. You have of course seen some of Chris's work on the blog before, and heard him as the co-host of The Same Dame Podcast (a new episode is barreling through the Internet's tubes as I type). Now he'll be sharing his insights on films, film news, and whatever else on a regular basis. This is the first step in my plot to assimilate an army of film critics into one giant Same Dame and take over the world.

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