Friday, March 27, 2009

At Long Last: Episode Three of The Same Dame Podcast

Recorded 3/7/09, this tragically delayed third installment of The Same Dame Podcast picks up where our last one left off—discussing the most anticipated films of 2009. Get the mildly inside info on "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Funny People," and hear about a hell of a lot more films. We also weigh in on "Watchmen" (which really had just come out at the time, we swear) and the artistic significance of Moon Bloodgood's breasts.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast (via iTunes if you like) and stay tuned for our next episode, which takes on the 3-D fad, among other news and releases.

UPDATE: Well, that didn't go smoothly. If you downloaded the episode in the first 10 minutes of its posting, you may experience an avant-garde sound collage about 40 or 50 minutes in. Coherent podcasts are so 2008.


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