Friday, June 22, 2007

Once, Controversy Strained My Mighty Heart

EDIT: Apparently all the articles are fucked. You may want to hold off until they're fixed. ("A Mighty Heart" might be OK—haven't checked.)

So, everyone has been gushing about Michael Winterbottom's "A Mighty Heart" for the past couple weeks, but I didn't think it was amongst his best work. Maybe it's that I like Winterbottom and hold him to a high standard, maybe it's that I saw the film in Cannes and had just seen several of the year's best films. Maybe it's just not as great as everyone says it is. If I have time, I might give it a fresh look and see if I feel any differently. It does have a couple great moments, but overall history will prove me right.

I am, however, in agreement with the fawning over "Once," a great re-imagining of the backstage musical. (The page seems to be fucked, though).

I remember some recent and one not-at-all-recent controversial films in my latest column—dig it.


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Janean said...

(I wrote the comment on 'In'. Does anyone ever read those?)