Friday, June 1, 2007

Get Knocked Up Now

The biggest mistake you could make this summer isn't forgetting your SPF 40 and falling asleep in the sun. It isn't going to a high school kegger and getting to drunk to ask the girl you're hitting on if she just graduated or just finished her freshman year. It isn't going to see "Georgia Rule" (although that's close). But if you miss "Knocked Up," which will surely be the funniest comedy of the year, you'll regret it.

Read my review, check out an interview with the supporting cast in USA Today, but most importantly, see the damn movie. Now.

Also, in my review, I somehow (might have had something to do with traveling, jet lag and a film festival) switched the names of Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel.

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Unknown said...

holy shit! You're 4 stars actually says out of four stars, when did that happen?