Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Revolution of Butchery

According to the New York Times, Julie Taymor is none too happy with producer and Revolution Studios head Joe Roth's treatment of her new film, "Across the Universe." Roth apparently recut the film—which has been in post-production for more than a year now—and tested it without mentioning his plan to the woman who directed "Titus," "Frida" and the hit stage version of "The Lion King."

According to the article, Roth decided that "Gigli" was such a disaster because director Martin Brest had final cut, and so takes it upon himself to re-edit each and every Revolution release himself. (I may have embellished the last part.) While Taymor declined to comment beyond a cautious written statement, Roth said the uppity bitch should get her panties out of a bunch.

"'She’s a brilliant director,' he said. 'She’s made a brilliant movie. This process is not anything out of the ordinary. Her reaction through her representatives might be. But her orientation is stage. It’s different if you’re making a $12-million film, or a $45-million film. No one is uncomfortable in this process, other than Julie.'"

So, the film's great, just half an hour too long, I guess. Roth loves Taymor, and isn't being nice just because he doesn't want worse publicity for his $45 million movie.

Another interesting fact: If you double click a word to select it in an NYT article, it seems to open up a search page for you.

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Anonymous said...

So Roth wasn't smart enought not to prevent the man responsible for Meet Joe Black from having final cut? And now everyone suffers.