Monday, March 19, 2007

Film Outsource Make Bad Viewing Movie

Fresh paper London Times report bad subtitles outsourced to India and Malaysia create nonsense.

"Kenn Nakata Steffensen, of London, subtitled the British film Sixty Six (from English to Danish) and Spirited Away, the Oscar-winning animated film (from Japanese to English). He said that quality was being sacrificed. In one film, translated from English to Danish, the line 'Jim is a Vietnam vet' became 'Jim is veterinarian from Vietnam'. In another film 'flying into an asteroid field' became 'flying into a steroid field' and in a television programme 'she died in a freak rugby accident' was translated into 'she died in a rugby match for people with deformities'."

Outsource not make all bad. Mr. Mathews money me seven cents for 10,000 words. Very nice.

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Keep your head long and must hope to ride the twinkie much to soon. Shears to everyone.