Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SDP 28: The Fine Wine Keeps on Aging

The good news about Episode 28 of the The Same Dame Podcast is that we don't have any more four-month-old podcasts in the queue. (It was recorded May 15.) The bad news is that that's only because we didn't record any episodes for a couple months.

We did, however, debut the Art-House Choo Choo, sure to be a favorite feature in all future podcasts, and offer our first-ever TV series review, of David Simon's "Treme." And we know you've been waiting for our "Iron Man 2" review before you decide whether to see it. It's here! And what's this "Metropolis" movie everyone's been talking about?

Stay tuned for some exciting July-recorded material, including a regular show and a very special San Francisco Silent FIlm Festival report, due out by May 2011. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast (via iTunes if you like) so you won't miss our next thrilling episode.

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