Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Moved, Don't Have the Internet and Sundance is Coming

I moved on Thursday and have since been living a sad, cold, Internet-less existence. It's a lonely world when you aren't wired to everyone else. I'll try to catch up on what I missed (including the apparent death knell for HD DVD) before Sundance starts.

In the last issue of IN, I turned in a second year-end column that touched on my favorite moments. I also lamented the awkward "Romance and Cigarettes."

This week's issue tackles Sundance, but not all the stories seem to be online. Yet they are, if you look in the archive section. I looked over the track record from Sundances past and compared the Salt Lake City and Park City festivals. My column is a list of my favorite films that came out of Sundance's Dramatic Competition category. I'm sure I left out some great ones, but that's how it goes some times. (Sorry, "Manda Bala." On the bright side, you didn't qualify for this list.)

It has the wrong rating on it, by my review of "The Orphanage" should reflect my admiration for the film. I also reviewed "Youth Without Youth," but that's not coming out this weekend any more so I guess we'll pretend that I never wrote about it at all.

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