Thursday, October 4, 2007

Not Quite Dead

Well, I'm finally feeling much better than I was, having overcome the worst part of mononucleosis, which I've had for the past couple months. There are many interesting movies and other items from the dead-air interval that I hope to discuss, but let's start with the columns and reviews I managed to file during my illness. In general, the writing process was similar to my usual method. I passed out, my head on the keyboard, and ran a word count when I woke up. If the article wasn't long enough yet, I passed out again.


Wilder's "Ace in the Hole" makes it to DVD at long last

Digital not there yet

Summer recap

Kenneth Branaugh's "Hamlet" makes it to DVD [NOTE: The headline claim of the DVD matching the film's native "resolution" is incorrect—70-mm film his much higher res.]

Get thee to a DVD release!"

The Iraq movies of the prestige season

Summer movies not about Iraq

An airline movie bill? Please let it prevent airlines from showing movies!

Apatow and Rogen continue their roll with "Superbad"

"Becoming Jane": Kinda like a Jane Austen novel, but boring

Frank Oz delivers a harmless but less-than-hilarious farce in "Death at a Funeral"

"No End in Sight" an engaging modern history lesson.

James Mangold helms a traditional western with great performances in "3:10 to Yuma"

"In the Vally of Elah" Features a great performance and a forced third act

"Feast of Love" sucks

So does "The Game Plan"

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Anonymous said...

Is this a Mr. DarkSkyHunter Jeremy Mathews or have I found the wrong person?
If this is, mono sucks, I got it last year, apparently not as bad as you as I was only sick for 3 weeks, but i got sicker more often for about 5 months after that.