Monday, February 12, 2007

Spurlock's Super-Size Iraq Secret*

Indiewire reports that Morgan Spurlock, of "Super-Size Me" fame, signed a distribution deal for his new (and presumably hilarious) Iraq documentary after a top-secret preview:

"Overall, attendees were quiet about the new project because they were met with a non-disclosure agreement prior to entering the private screening. A sizable contingent from The Weinstein Company attended the showing of clips, along with buyers "from all over the world," according to an anonymous indieWIRE source, specifically an exec from a rival company who declined to further discuss the content of the film out of respect for both Spurlock and the ultimate distributors of the project."

Why the secrets? Maybe Spurlock doesn't want interference while finishing production. Maybe he wanted to create some self-promotional hype—he's good at that—before unveiling his concept: "What happens if a director spends 30 days almost getting blown up by IEDs?" Maybe he located the weapons of mass destruction and wants to build up the suspense. Only time will tell.

*Don't you wish Iraq started with an S?

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Unknown said...

Wow, I hope that it will have at least as big an impact as "Supersize Me." Meaning of course that the administration will modify their semantics.